Terms and Conditions

Once you have contacted us with an initial enquiry we give you an approximate value of cost.

If you would like us to proceed and source a vehicle for you, we would require you to complete an online form with specific details of what you are looking for including:

 *Confirmation of the make, model and specification of the vehicle you’re after and any special requirements you have. 

*Confirmation of your budget.

*Make a payment with an initial set up cost of £150.00 (sterling pounds). (Fully refundable in the event that we are unable to locate what it is you are looking for within the time period agreed).


Unless agreed otherwise, a period of 28 days, commencing one working day after the day of the payment is needed to locate your vehicle.


Available vehicles are screened and qualifying vehicle’s details are sent to you – this typically includes at least three images, past service-history and previous keeper information.


Used cars

We ensure the used vehicles exported are in a good condition. Cars are guaranteed true & conform to description on specification. A refund would be allowed in the highly unlikely situation of a vehicle not being as the one described on the Sales Agreement.

We only Source, Locate and Export Right Hand Cars available in the British Market. 


The Cars are sourced from a network of reputable car dealerships and come with Service History. They are certified to British Standards and are accompanied by Ministry of Transport (MOT) Certificate to this effect.


The vehicles are HPI cleared before shipment (To ensure that they are not stolen Cars, Pre-Accident, have never been Flood Damaged and are not tied by any outstanding Finance Agreements).


We can arrange for them to be valeted (professionally cleaned to showroom condition) however this is optional and at extra cost.

Salvage and damaged cars

We purchase salvage vehicles on behalf of clients. Vehicles would need to be dismantled before leaving the UK to meet national regulations and this would be arranged at client’s request.


The purchaser automatically enters into an agreement with the allocated shipping agent. Consignee and/or owner of shipment agrees to be bound by all Terms & Conditions written, typed, stamped and printed on the face and back of Bill of Lading, issued by carrier.


Once the payment for the vehicle(s) has been made, the vehicle(s) is purchased and transported to Container Loading UK premises for container loading or direct to the Port of Export for RORO.


The shipping agent is responsible for Booking & Reservation of Vessel space, and safe keeping of the vehicle(s) & its documentation until boarding. They will send all documentation to the consignee as cited in their terms and conditions.

Typical documents/items provided include:

  •  CIF receipt of sale (commercial invoice describing unit & price) for tax purposes.
  • Copy of the Vehicle Registration Document
  • HPI Clearance Certificates (If Requested)
  • Original copy of Bill of Lading with extra copies, necessary to collect vehicle at destination

A small minority of governments enforce ever-changing import rules for motor vehicles in their country. It is always client’s responsibility, to maintain updated knowledge of import rules & regulations of the receiving country. It also client’s responsibility to liaise with their local customs office to pay customs and duty fees.


Note: We are an independent shipping preparation company who work with an exceptional network of car dealers and shipping companies to effectively source and export your vehicles to your country of interest.



The sales invoice

Once the vehicle has been found and price agreed, we expect the payment is made within a maximum 48 hours or there is no assurance that the vehicle is held. We expect the client to commit accordingly. If a client price offer was accepted and client does not follow up, we will conduct no further business with this client and add them to our black list.


Full payment must be received and cleared before the cars leave the United Kingdom Ports. When signed and faxed back to us, the agreement constitutes the initial step of our business relationship, and when payment is confirmed, the specified vehicle is purchased and the shipping procedure is initiated.


Acceptable forms of payment are Telegraphic/Electronic Bank Wires/Transfers/Paypal. There are huge discounts for clients buying more than one vehicle. Please ask for details.


Our professional car sourcing service is extremely popular with overseas clients. This is because we are in a unique position of independence, we can source a car to your specification from the top car sellers in the market. As we are based in the UK and have over 15 years’ experience loading and exporting cars overseas we are in the unique position of providing you the very best service! You can save time on internet searches – whilst we shortlist the best cars meeting your specifications.